The state to develop urban rail transit terminal blocks and greet opportunities
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      With the development of the national rail transportation, ease of sight in a growing number of cities. Rail construction will lead to the development of many industries, such as PLC control systems, power systems, iron and steel casting industry, electronic components and so on. Wherein the rail system connection system, the pcb spring terminal blocks occupy an important position.


       Pcb spring terminal blocks is a circuit board terminal blocks, account for a large share of sales in the connector market, with its anti-vibration, fast and convenient connection and other advantages, is often used in urban rail transportation, elevators, power control, security lighting and many other areas.


       According to reports, the construction of urban rail transit, or to expand the city limits. Among them, the reporting requirements of the development of the urban population of urban rail transit, from the urban population of 300 million people, down to the city with a population of 150 million people. Industry insiders say, cut declaration city standards, will bring one trillion investment space. China's economic development has reached a new stage, expanding cities, people travel growing traffic demand, high population size is no longer a critical threshold of urban rail transit construction, such as the Western countries for the construction of urban rail transit standards of only 100 million . Prior to the declaration of standard urban rail transit construction is that the urban population of the city should be more than 300 million people, the local general budget revenue of 100 billion yuan, China's GDP reached 1,000 billion yuan.


       "To achieve this year's economic and social development targets, investment in infrastructure will continue to play a key role." National Development and Reform Commission deputy director of the National Bureau of Statistics recently at a public meeting said that the current national budget class 500 billion yuan in fixed assets investment It has been substantially decentralized, for the implementation of major projects, as long as the requirements to advance ahead of this year's dry to dry this year, so where there is a demand, high enthusiasm urban rail project will inevitably become the next focus of development. National Development and Reform Commission, "major transport infrastructure construction projects three-year action plan," the Ministry of Transport have jointly issued pointed out, 2016 and 2018, intends to focus on promoting the railways, highways, waterways, airports, urban rail transit project 303, involving total project investment of about 4.7 trillion yuan. Among them, the railway and urban rail transit projects is the construction of the "key" focus on promoting the 103 urban rail transit project preparatory work, the new 2000 km of urban rail transit more, involving an investment of about 1.6 trillion yuan. At the same time, in order to optimize the sound of urban rail transit construction plan approval process, in November 2015 the National Development and Reform Commission issued a notice that, in order to further improve work efficiency, urban rail transit construction plan and planning adjustment by the provincial Development and Reform Commission and the provincial housing Urban-Rural Development (planning) and other departments of first instance, the formation of consensus.

       National Development and Executive President of Renmin University of China Institute for Strategic Studies said that since 2016, despite steady growth policy measures continue to fall so that the infrastructure investment growth with strong support, but the growth rate to maintain a high degree of difficulty greater. At the same time, from 2009 to the present, first-tier cities and some second-tier infrastructure such as roads urban roads has become saturated. Thus, urban rail transit construction will bring huge investment space. "Increasing the scale of investment, or up to one trillion yuan." China Urban Planning and Design Research Institute, said the population down to the threshold of 150 million people, which means more prefecture-level cities can be incorporated into this system. Early city planning stage subway cost 700 million yuan per kilometer, the scale is generally small city 30 kilometers, 100 kilometers long term planning. On this basis, after the construction of urban threshold lowered or increased investment will reach trillion level.


       In the connector market, most of the sales comes straight PCB solder terminal blocks and pluggable terminal blocks,pcb spring type terminal blocks While there are many advantages, but restrict the application field of sales is less than the first two series, the urban rail traffic development plan is undoubtedly the greatest support for the pcb spring terminal blocks of the connector. Champ electronics since its inception committed to the development of production terminal blocks,pcb spring terminal blocks demanding quality products, including aspects of materials and electrical parameters.


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