The demand for terminal blocks for smart robots has increased significantly
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This year in March, the CPPCC National Committee meeting pointed out that robots or ushered in the golden age, only a quarter, this prediction began to emerge. Machine substitutions were the rhetoric of last year, and to some extent the machine would not completely replace human labor, but some manual labor would undoubtedly be replaced, and the process of substitution would take only a while. Recently, the United Kingdom appeared to send express robot, robot shopping cart in Taiwan, with the ice cream before the show to do the robot, sword dance robot, the robot has been involved in many areas. The golden age of robots must also be the golden age of connectors.


Robot industry development will enter the golden age


The automation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is accelerating, with some 1.3 million industrial robots in use by 2018. In the high-income automotive industry, global investment in industrial robots has recorded a growth rate of 43% in one year (2013-2014). According to the International Robot Association released in 2015 the world's robot statistics show that from an inter-departmental point of view, the robot system's international market value has now reached 32 billion US dollars.


With the gradual application of artificial intelligence to industrial, medical, home and other industries, relying on artificial intelligence service robot is becoming a hot spot in the field of consumer electronics. In 2014, China's industrial robot sales reached 57,100 units in the global industrial robot market, accounting for 1/4. An increase of 55%. China is expected in 2015 industrial robot will reach 75,000 units, an increase of 36.6%. According to the Ministry of Industry, "on the promotion of industrial robot industry development guidance", by 2020 the size of China's robot industry cluster will reach 284.4 billion. Support policies continue to contribute to promote the industry to accelerate the development of the industry into the golden period of development.


Robot shopping cart appeared Wal-Mart


The world's largest retailer Wal-Mart, ready to change the shopping experience, the simple shopping cart into a sophisticated robot. This robot will follow the owner, and there is a lot of storage space for you to buy things. Put this technology into the shopping cart, people do not have a trolley, but the shopping cart will follow you, so you can freely choose the two hands on the shelves of goods. The robot shopping cart can also help customers shop. Just let the shopping cart see your shopping list, it can help you find all items. This feature may eventually become an application program interface, you can enter information or spoken to tell what to buy, the robot shopping cart will go to the correct channel, allowing customers to save time and ask the staff to help find the trouble of goods.


Britain is now the first express robot


Robot to send courier is a good idea, not only saves time, but also to avoid the courier wind and sun. In the streets of Estonia, Germany and London, Greenwich, "Express" robots are being tested. These robots are equipped with sensors on their housings that, when pedestrian and obstructions are detected, send instructions to slow down, stop, or change the course of the robot. Machine operators can also communicate with pedestrians remotely via a microphone. The retailer can replace the truck that is responsible for small-scale door-to-door service and ship it to the robot, but the effective range of the robot depends on the economics of the short-range delivery service. This can walk on the sidewalk of the robot can reduce about 30% of the delivery of goods vehicles. The first production of 15 robots will be controlled at a cost of less than 10,000 US dollars each, followed by full-scale production. The company's goal is to reduce the cost of local delivery to £ 1 / piece, you know, the cost of traditional delivery service is generally 1-5 pounds, or even more expensive.


The connector is an important part of the robot body, all the precision instruments need connectors "matchmaking", although the connector humble, the price is not high, but the larger demand for robots, robots usher in the golden age of the robot upstream industry Are affected. Upstream industry refers to the beginning of the whole industry chain, including the important resources and raw materials, mining, supply and spare parts manufacturing and production industries, the industry determines the speed of development of other industries, with basic, raw materials , The characteristics of strong ties. Connectors - Terminal blocks is the upstream industry of the robot industry, the production and sales of robots will undoubtedly benefit from the expansion of the terminal blocks.


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