Terminal blocks Hardware plating the benefits of color zinc: green, environmentally friendly and stable
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In the energy, environmental protection and other topics around the "green" to become the color of this era. Recently, our company has introduced TB series terminal blocks with environmentally-friendly electroplating zinc-plated screws, the price is the same as that of nickel-plated screw terminals. It also responds to the green manufacturing policy on the basis of improving oxidation resistance.


       Earlier this month, AQSIQ, the National Standards Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued the three departments on the "equipment manufacturing industry standardization and quality improvement plan" (hereinafter referred to as "planning") notice, "planning" that the equipment manufacturing industry is The pillar of economic and social development, basic industries, is to enhance China's comprehensive national strength of the cornerstone. Standard is the core element of industrial development and quality technical foundation, and is an important means of equipment manufacturing industry management. With the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and equipment manufacturing industry, the standard system is not systematic and synergetic, the service industry cross-border integration of poor adaptability and other issues, intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing and other high-end equipment manufacturing standards , The standard internationalization level is not high, the equipment manufacturing industry quality development foundation is relatively weak, causes the equipment in the quality consistency, the stability, the reliability, the security and the durability aspect and so on big difference, the quality brand competitiveness is not strong, Manufacturing industry standards and the overall level of quality needs to be improved.


       Improve the green manufacturing standard system. The development of product life cycle standards to guide the equipment manufacturing industry product design, manufacturing, use, recycling and re-use of green life-cycle. Promote energy conservation and emission reduction standardization. To highly efficient energy saving, advanced environmental protection, recycling of resources as the focus, the establishment and improvement of energy-saving environmental protection industry standard system. To strengthen the basic standards of energy-saving environmental protection industry, performance testing standards and evaluation management standards, the establishment of high-performance motors, LED lighting, advanced energy-saving environmental protection equipment and other important product standards and industrial park circular transformation standard complex. To promote the implementation of green manufacturing standards and effectiveness evaluation. Will be set up separately by the current environmental protection, energy saving, water conservation, recycling, low carbon, renewable, organic and other products for the integration of green products, the establishment of a unified green product standards, certification, logo and other systems. Strengthen the green manufacturing standards, energy saving and environmental protection industry standards such as the implementation of green standards supervision and inspection. To promote green manufacturing transformation and upgrading, to accelerate the process of reengineering the manufacturing process to reduce pollutant emissions, reduce resource consumption and quality of energy loss, to avoid low-cost competition.


       Electroplating zinc is the use of chemical or electrochemical methods in the metal surface to produce a layer of colored film or interference film, the film is very thin, and sometimes interfere with the film itself is almost no color, and when the metal surface with the film reflection occurs, Light waves cancel each other, forming a variety of colors, when the film thickness gradually decreased, the tone changes, generally from yellow, red, blue to green, until the film itself shows the color. If the film thickness is not uniform, will produce rainbow color or piebald variegated. Passivation of zinc coating, usually depending on the passivation solution used to get a different color passivation film or white passivation film. Rainbow color passivation film corrosion resistance than colorless passivation film more than five times. This is because the rainbow color passivation film than the white passivation film thickness; the other hand, the rainbow color passivation film surface is scratched, in humid air, abrasion parts near the passive film hexavalent chromium on the rub Injury parts of the "re-passivation" role, repair the damage, so that the passive film to restore integrity, therefore, more use of galvanized iridescence passivation. Colorless passivation film appearance of white, and more used in household hardware, architectural hardware and other requirements of a uniform surface of white products. In addition, there are black passivation, military green passivation, there are applications in the industry.


       Electro-galvanized can be divided into ordinary color zinc and environmentally friendly color zinc. Plating ordinary zinc is used in hexavalent chromium plating and environmental protection is the use of trivalent chromium. The color of the plated zinc is rainbow or mottled. The color of zinc is generally blue. Galvanized trivalent chromium passivation will be used to improve the corrosion resistance of the coating, trivalent chromium passivation can also produce blue, multicolored, black and other decorative effects. Green manufacturing is a long-term development strategy, hardware in the terminal block occupies an important seat, but also in many electrical fields have a wide range of applications, from small and large, from less and more green manufacturing will gradually develop in the manufacturing sector.


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